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We often get contacted by clients who don't necessarily require a full design service but simply need some help and guidance. This service is perfect for you if you don't want to spend a fortune and can do the sourcing and implementation yourself. We will basically kickstart your project with a 2-3 hour kick-start session to create a plan for your home. We'll talk before the session so we can bring all the right samples, options and colour charts with us. At the end of the session you'll have clarity on


Together we can:


  • Help you to recharge in your home, starting with a colour consultation we'll get a colour scheme together that runs throughout your home to create harmony, we'll discuss paint options, the best colours to work with the light in your home and create the ambiance you need.

  • Help you to have clarity on what you need to do, what's your unique 'home' style and where you need to shop to achieve the best look without the stress of feeling overwhelmed by too many options.

  • Unlock your home's potential with design and creativity, adding your own personality and story.

  • Discover what makes you happy in your home, and transfer this into the design.

  • Create a home so you always feel like you're on holiday, a home that you love and want to spend time in, that’s easy to clean and maintain, even with little ones around.

  • Create a home that works for everyone, that’s functional and will stand the test of time, grow with the family and be low maintenance yet beautiful.

  • Help you to feel confident in your decision making with insider interior tips & tricks so ultimately you can be your own interior designer and be able to achieve a look you want without the stress.

Price:  £450

light curtains office country


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Blue upholstered sofa


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