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Find Your Interiors Style!

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

It's sometimes a rocky journey to find your own unique interior style amongst the vast amount of choice there is out there, and the visual overload on social media, use these 5 tips to help get you on track.

Wasted time, money and energy

The amount of time, money and energy wasted on purchases that later you feel don’t quite fit your style is irritating to say the least. Some of you may be able to relate to this?

We live in a world of so much choice which is great but it can also knock us off balance, especially if you're a creative person and are drawn to all things beautiful.

Why you need help to find your style

There's a definite process to eking out and distilling your style, some people are naturals, whilst most get better with trial and error. If you have a large project it's great to get a professional interior designer on board .... the few hundred pounds you spend you'll 100% get back in potential time, money and energy you'll waste on making inevitable mistakes. Many clients start a project with great enthusiasm only to find a few weeks into it they're overwhelmed with choices ... and the fun stops there!!

Having said this ...

Designing your own space is so rewarding when you do get it right so if you have the time the go for it!! There's plenty of resources online to help and guide. Or you can also opt for a chat with an interior designer to make sure you're on the right track.

Here's 5 tips to find your own unique style

1. Look in your wardrobe, what colour clothes are you drawn to? What colours do you wear that make you feel uplifted? Are you clothes classic, creative, relaxed, outrageous? Do you have a lot of clothes or prefer to keep a capsule wardrobe? This is often a good place to start and translate these preferences into your home.

2. How do colours make you feel, do you feel stressed or uplifted in bright spaces? How do you feel in nature? What colours draw you in, what colours make you feel drained?

3. What is your favourite season? This is a good indicator as to where you should focus your interiors, for example I love summer so my home is full of muted tones, bleached our floors, natural materials and textures.

4. How do you want to feel in your home? Some people need energy and a buzz around them all the time whereas others crave the peace and calm. It's important to create a space that gives you the vibes you're looking for.

5. How visual are you? This will dictate how much furniture, accessories, textiles and pattern you want to have in your home, some people are maximalists, others minimalists, most I feel fall somewhere in the middle. Again it's good to distinguish where you are on the radar so you get a cohesive look.

As part of my design consultation I look at each of these in detail .... and more ... such as lifestyle, any other people living in the space and products you already own to create a balanced home that evokes feelings of joy and inspiration that's unique to you.

You'll get so much more form an interior designer then just a beautiful home, the process will open your eyes to your own unique style, helping you in the future to shop for your home and resonate with the colours your truly love.

I find colour psychology fascinating and nothing brings me more joy than clients loving the homes I create for them.

Please get in touch if you'd like any help, whether it's a quick chat to get you on track, adding some finishing touches or a full design service.


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