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5 Last Minute Buys to Transform your Home for Christmas

  1. Christmas decorations that create impact

These stunning paper stars are from a great shop called Sostrengrene, it's online and the most local to Amersham is High Wycombe (Eden Centre) It’s a treasure chest of lovely items.

These paper (and they also have velvet stars in red, green and taupe) are perfect to bring your home to life - particularly nice hanging from your stairs bannister paired with a simple garland and some lights it creates a real 'wow' factor when people enter.

Have a look on our instagram stories for ideas.

2. Cushions

Cushions are always on my radar. Whilst we source and make bespoke cushions at Amersham Interiors, I'm really impressed with OKA cushions this year, they have put together a clever range of mix and match colours that will transform your home with little effort.

Don't be afraid to mix and match colours of the same tones, cleverly mastered in the image above from OKA.

3. The Dinner Table

Images: The White Company

I'm all for simplicity when it comes to the dining table. As long as you have a linen table cloth/napkins, ample matching dinnerware, glass vases and plenty of foliage you're away!

This idea below is easy to re-create and you don't need to worry about fancy napkins and centre pieces. This is rosemary form the garden tied with craft string and a simple rattan placemat.

I'd add large vases with fresh foliage from the garden and candles or tealights dotted around the create the perfect ambiance.

I particularly like these bud vases from The White Company, perfect for cuttings and placed on the dinner table.

4. Ambient Lighting

Image from Pooky

If you do one thing this season then re-think the lighting in your home in order to create the perfect mood.

I'm a big fan of creating the right ambiance in a home, you can have the most beautifully decorated home brimming with gorgeous furnishings but lighting done wrong can be a killer!

For some quick, simple transformations that give impact try this battery operated lamp from Pooky - the perfect solution if you don't have a plug socket nearby or don't want unsightly leads dangling.

5. Last but not least - THE DRINKS!!!

Possibly one of the most important things to make a great impression this Christmas. This cocktail maker by Bartesian can sit proudly next to the coffee machine! I think it's the perfect Christmas gadget that will create lots of smiles in your home - and not just for Christmas - this could be an all year round addition to your home!

Whatever you're doing this Christmas, take a minute to absorb and cherish the joy of being at Home. Wherever your home is, and however you choose to decorate it .... for pretty much everyone it's the place where we feel safe, loved an able to be our true selves, memories are made and stories are created.

Enjoy Christmas!

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