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Dark and Moody Rooms

When it comes to dark and moody there are definitely some tips and tricks you can use to ensure it's balanced and fits with your home.

Will it be a little too much?

Clients often feel that dark and moody is great to look at, but far too scary to have in their own home! But the secret to creating 'dark and moody' (as will all interiors) is getting the balance right and making it individual.

Dark and moody colours like grey, maroon, aubergine, deep greens and blues can instantly create an atmosphere that’s moody, dynamic and captivating. If you want to go full-on moody paint the ceiling in the same colour or paint it off-white (something like strong white from F&B) to add a touch of luxury to the space.

Don't want to go full monty?

A dark accent wall with grey or beige furniture can draw the eye in without being overwhelming or too showy.

Add Depth with ...

FURNITURE AND ACCESSORIES - made out of brass or gold-toned lamps can also create an interesting counterbalance between darker, chocolate tones and warmer, more inviting ones.

MIRRORS - do two things – they add depth and they provide a reflective quality that allows slightly more brightness to enter a space which will heighten the moodiness of the room.

LIGHT - lighting that’s too overbearing can ruin that dark, brooding vibe you’re going for, steer clear of intense overhead lighting. Instead go with lamp lighting dotted around the room or use.

A LARGE RUG - Add a light rug that's large enough to sit under one third of your sofas to ground the room.

See how this pic has the dark grey walls but there's texture there with the velvet sofa and knitted cushions - this adds layers to the scheme. The light floor also grounds the space and will reflect light around the room.


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