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Using faux Flowers in your Home

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Faux flowers have gotten a bad reputation in the past for being 'tacky' but in more recent times they've been transformed into high quality, realistic looking accessories that every home needs.

The benefits

People have been using silk to craft artificial flowers for about 1,500 years. From small succulents to large plants, there are many ways they can be used to make your home appear fuller, fresher and brighter.

And of course some other benefits include .... they are hypoallergenic, pet-friendly, available all year round, no maintenance, long lasting and enable you to get creative!

Where to buy

For the best quality make sure you pay for the best, trusted retailers such as John Lewis and Cox and Cox are my favourites but TK Maxx also have a great range. Or smaller independents such as Layered Lounge or Soden have a beautiful selection

Glass vase or solid

With the quality of the stems now artificial flowers look great in transparent glass vases, whereas people used to feel the need to cover up unrealistic looking stems. So don't be afraid of showing the stems, just ensure you cut them to size with pliers rather than folding them over.

Don't go 'all out' faux

I always tell my clients to mix it up a bit and have the odd real plant too, especially in areas where people get close up. For example in a lounge place real flowers/plants on your coffee table and the faux on a tall shelf out of the way a little.

Coffee table from @coxandcox (Villette burnished brass)


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