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It's all in the planning!

The secret to creating a functional space is all in the planning!

People think as Interior Designers we spend our time shopping (which we do enjoy) but actually there's a very time-consuming, detailed and considered process that sets the foundations for every project.

Everything has to work and flow, the ergonomics and movement around a space is key to creating both beauty and function.

A scaled floor-plan helps us to visualise the space to make sure we can move easily, I love to add colour and texture to give it some depth.

Whether you have an interior project one room or an entire house I will give you the visuals you need to make the process simple and efficient so you're happy with the end results.

This is a floor plan of an open planned kitchen ideal for families, it's both functional and beautiful. This gave the clients an idea of how their space will look when it's finished and how all the colours will work in harmony together. Often this is the most difficult part of the process for the clients, visualising how their space will look, so visuals are very important.

Need help with visualising your space? Please get in touch for a free no obligation chat.


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