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Meet the Original Owner of Amersham Interiors - Julia Jenkins

Jules, also known as Julia Jenkins, stands as the visionary founder of Amersham Interiors, laying the foundation for the enduring brand and concept that flourishes today.

In the pivotal year of 1984, Jules, alongside her business partner Wendy, inaugurated the doors to what would become a renowned establishment on Amersham High Street. The brand has since evolved, finding its current residence in a Studio near Great Missenden.

Curious about the genesis of Amersham Interiors, we delved into a conversation with Jules, unearthing the motivations and inspirations behind her journey:

1. How did you come up with the idea of opening Amersham Interiors

I worked in an Architects office so had a good knowledge of Buildings, Interiors and Design. I'd always loved Interior Design and in particular fabrics and soft furnishings. I had a friend who was keen to open a shop with me but she wanted it to be a fashion brand, I had to persuade her to go down the interiors path .... and we never looked back!

2. What's your favourite Interiors Design Era?

It has to be the 1980's when we first opened the shop, there was so much flamboyance and colour - it was a big decade for Swags and Tails which were metres and metres of fabric and the designs were so beautiful, full of pattern and colour. Curtains had trims and frills galore and the jobs we did were lots of fun.

Jules and her business partner Wendy in 1984

3. What's been the best job you've ever worked on.

One of my most enjoyable and challenging jobs was doing the Bank of Bahrain. It was in an absolutely beautiful building in London, we were able to really go to town and work our magic with luxurious fabrics and finishes. The end result was fabulous and we enjoyed every single minute.

4. Who's you biggest design influence?

I don't really have one, never really have! I really just enjoy putting schemes together and don't look to any particular designer for influence. I love working with customers and finding out what they want, then creating something around that. There's nothing better than seeing how much your client adores what you've designed for them.

5. What are you doing now?

I'm enjoying life, I'm always busy seeing friends and I still do design jobs every now and then for friends and family. I'll never loose my passion for design and interiors, I think it's such a big part of me to be creative.

6. What do you think the future of Interior Design will be?

I don't think the Swags and Tails of the 80's will ever come back! I feel that design now is much more accessible for people which is a good thing, however, there's more options and choice than ever before and it's possibly more overwhelming - hence why having an Interior Designer can reduce the stress and expertly sift through the many options to find the perfect design.


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